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Supporting the School for New Mayas in Xix, Guatemala!

Our scholarship students write sponsors to express their appreciation and share about their studies and their lives.  This year, on her annual visit to the school, Mary Lois Sennewald met with students to discuss many things which they might discuss with madrinas and padrinos (godmothers and godfathers). After an initial reticence, students began suggesting themes to discuss in their letters.

To the New Mayas Society, students wrote letters that were different and demonstrated unusual creativity in thought and expression:

~ what they most enjoyed studying and why

~ reasons their parents wanted them at the School for New Mayas

~ their pleasure in their family life

~ their friendships at the school

~ their hopes for the future

~ their appreciation for the financial help they receive

~ the blessings they call upon their supporters

Previously our students have had little or no reason to write letters. They are writing in Spanish, which is their second language. Writing these letters is important for their education and personal development, because it reinforces the need to express gratitude. It also teaches them something of the format and style of written communication.

To all scholarship donors (madrinas and padrinos, godmothers and godfathers)

You may be surprised by some of the phrasing and repetitive greetings. These are standard in both business and personal letters in Guatemala.

We hope you enjoy receiving your letters. Be assured your students and teachers spend a lot of time outside of classes getting the language right as well as decorating them with original artistry. Likewise, your students enjoy learning about you and your families.

Click on the following links to view the student's letters.

Student Letter 1

Student Letter 2

Student Letter 3

To become an ongoing sponsor of a student, send an email to Mary Sennewald  at for more information.

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