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  • Xix Guatemala School for New Mayas
Supporting the School for New Mayas in Xix, Guatemala!

At the School for New Mayas, vocational training is central.

Carpentry, sewing, weaving, and horticulture/agriculture are critical enhancements to the general academic program. These courses are gender-neutral, providing students with a full range of skills and appreciation for work in its myriad forms.  Students who are inclined to establish their own businesses are offered encouragement and guidance.

Enrichment seminars, sometimes provided by Guatemalan and international organizations or individual volunteers, have included the presentations on the History of Violence throughout the region in the 1980s (research, dramatic expression, oral history), music and band, art, yoga, business, Mayan spirituality and ceremony.

Of course, the vigorous athletic program is highly popular with both young women and men, as are occasional field trips and hikes across the mountains.


One of the aspects of Economic Development are the excellent quality weavings for distribution in high quality retail outlets.

Staff in the store. Director, sewing instructor, weaving instructor in charge of marketing artisan products in the community.

Traditional designs on handcrafted products created in carpentry program.



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